Back To The Start

Hi guys! Sorry I forgot about all of you for a little bit, life has been…well, quite filling lately! I realized the other day that I missed blogging/journaling. Just being able to write down my thoughts and emotions and be able to look back on my past experiences and life lessons and smile a little bit. I’ve come a long way from where this blog first began. I’ve matured, physically and mentally and emotionally too. I’ve gotten myself into situations, both good and bad, that have lead me to be the person I am today. So I thought it would be fun to share them with you all 🙂

So this summer I’m actually in Boston, Massachusetts (still can’t spell Massachusetts without the help of autocorrect, haha) working for one of my dream companies, Vic Firth! For those who don’t know, Vic Firth is a drum stick and percussion mallet company. I am in the offices in Hyde Park where we deal with all of the shipments, the social media, the accounting, the customer services, and the artist relations that go into this 52 year old company. It’s a lot of fun, not as hands on as I had hoped, but nonetheless a fantastic opportunity that I have been blessed with.

Living in Boston has been a great experience as well. I’m in a house with 5 other people, all of us kind of doing our own thing. None of us are super close to each other, so it has been a very independent summer to say the least. I have explored the city of Boston and visited amazing restaurants and historic landmarks by myself a lot, which wasn’t easy at first but has become much easier as I’ve “practiced.” I feel like this is the biggest skill I have gained this summer, being independent and able to live and thrive on my own. It makes me feel ready to take on the real world after college in many ways. While I don’t necessarily enjoy the solitude and lack of partners to go adventure with, I have been looking for the silver lining. I can do things at my own pace which is nice. So I don’t feel bad if I want to change my plans around at a whim and stay in for the night or buy a reasonably expensive meal for myself. I am very much looking forward to going home though and being with my friends and family for a few weeks before school starts.

Crazy to think I’m a senior in college now. And to be honest, I still have no idea what I want to do after I graduate in May. Honestly, I’m not too scared though. Because I have options. What I mean is I have a handful of companies that I have been in contact with over the past few years or months that I feel like I would enjoy working for and that there are opportunities that I want to pursue with them. Sometimes (actually, a lot of the time) I feel like I’m not meant for “real” jobs. I don’t want a 9-5 Monday to Friday kind of job. I don’t want consistency, at least not at first. I want to be on my feet, outside, traveling, interacting, enjoying myself. I want to make people happy and I want to make a difference in the world, those are the main two things I want to aim for in my career moving forward.

Just a few hours before this, I took a look at my bucket list from a while ago. I hadn’t edited that thing in years! There were still things on it like “Hike Mt. Everest,” and “Fly to the Moon,” things I realistically can say I will never accomplish in my lifetime. So I went through the whole thing and kind of revised it. I got rid of the ridiculous goals, the ones I really don’t expect to ever happen. I downgraded others, like changing “Compete in a Triathlon,” to “Run a half marathon.” I checked off the ones I had done so far, which were a lot surprisingly! And I added a few new goals, ones that I have discovered about myself over the past few months of introspection. I feel like I have been drifting away from the person I really am recently, and I have been fighting to understand who I really am; as a person and a friend and a lover and a human being. But that story I will save for another post 😉

So I will leave you all with this update on my life. I hope everyone else following along is doing well and enjoying life and being the beautiful creatures that we are meant to be. I’ll leave you all with a little quote: “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

Happy Weekend 🙂


How to live a Nearly Drama Free Life (no really, I’m not kidding!)

Love can be pretty stressful, we all know that. I can’t imagine anyone has had a perfect love life; where whoever they crush on likes them as well, where their relationships fall together effortlessly and the breakups are mutual. Even just a perfect single relationship, it just doesn’t happen to very many people.

So when one of my best friends came to me for help about getting into a relationship with an acquaintance of hers, I knew we had another fun situation on our hands. This problem wasn’t going to be as easy to solve as I had anticipated, for many reasons that I shall leave out of this post, but I attempted to nonetheless. In the end, she went away away more frustrated than before and I went away with a little bit of extra knowledge that I hadn’t anticipated learning.

Drama happens. Sometimes there is no way to stop it from happening because people naturally gossip and enjoy talking about other people. So there is little chance that you can complete eradicate it from your life. But after this conversation, I learned one very important lesson:

The less you care about drama, the less it effects your life.

Say something crazy happens; your sleep with someone and ends up peeing on their floor while they’re still drunk. On the one hand, you could take it personally when people ask you about it, plead with them to stop talking about it, and try to do anything in your power to stop the fire from spreading. OR, on the other hand, you could just laugh at yourself and then move on with your life.

The first option will do nothing but spread the story around and cause you stress and more drama. Attempting to stop the story from spreading will most like backfire because of the number of people that will be asking what you are arguing over.

But the second and more superior option (though difficult to stick to for some), will let the story sizzle away with time, leaving you drama free!

This might be a new idea for some, so give it a try next time something happens that could potentially cause drama. Remember to sit back, relax, enjoy the ride, and know everything is going to be okay in the end!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 🙂 Watch some football or relax, you deserve it!

Back To School Thought

As another semester of college began this week, I couldn’t help but think about my past. Just how on earth did I get to where I am right now? How was I so lucky to make friends, to succeed in school, to learn firsthand in the field of study I hope to one day pursue? HOW?

It truly is amazing sometimes how life just works itself out for the better. I see some of my old friends from high school every once in a while. I always make an effort to pick right back up where we left off, like the past two years never happened. But it’s difficult…so much has changed to those I once knew so well. Some have gone down better paths than others, and for them I hope for some guidance as they continue their journey through life. But others are doing really well off – enjoying their college experience, making friends, and slowly but surely becoming more and more successful.

I have a dear friend who has always been “bothered” by the fact that while we are living our own lives, other people who are not with us are living their lives as well. Even though they are not a next to us or even in the same state as us, they are going through the same daily routines as we are. I guess I can agree with her, it is a tad odd to think about…

For everyone just starting a new chapter of their life, savor every moment and every day. Because there will always be that desire to look back on life, to remember the past. My other friend has a great quote on his arm though: “Those who look back are lost.” Savor the past, but don’t live in it. Life keeps moving forward and you must too.

And for those continuing to grow and learn, reach for the stars. We are only given one life, and it’s all of our jobs to live it in the best way that we can.

Hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for reading!

My End Of The Semester Epiphany

All good thoughts come to you when you’re in the shower, am I right?

Anyways, this morning I decided that I wanted a change in my life, for the better obviously. I have decided I’m done with half-assing things, whether that be at school, work, the gym, or even with the hobbies I enjoy (like cooking, and drumming, and reading). If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it to the fullest of my ability.

Along with that, I’m done being frugal on things that really matter, like food or clothes. I should spend that extra $10 on the waterproof pair of sneakers because it will last me longer, and why would I buy frozen carrots for $1 when fresh carrots are only a little bit more expensive and taste a heck of a lot better!

I don’t want my life to be a bunch of half-assed events, but instead, less events done more passionately.

It’s time to start full-assing my life.

How to Help a Friend in Need

We all have that friend: every setback they have, no matter how minuscule, is a big deal in their world. They stretch the truth so much to the point where even they know they sound ridiculous. You feel bad for them because they seem stressed and overwhelmed, even if whatever they are complaining about may be silly in your mind. You want to help make them smile and stop worrying, even for just a few seconds. “Life goes on.” “There are much bigger problems in the world.” Unfortunately you can’t just say these things without getting getting the what-are-you-talking-about glance. So how do you help them?

Over the summer, my mother suggested a book to me by the title The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Check it out if you haven’t already, it’s a fantastic read in my opinion. The book isn’t for those who are essentially unhappy, but just for those who want to milk all the happiness they can out of their lives. 

There is a section in the book that talks about how the author was able to sympathize with her children much more easily from a few simple steps. While helping your 2-year-old child is much different from helping your 20-year-old best friend, there is one strategy that I think can be used effectively. That strategy is simply to show them that you understand the pain they are going through and to let them know that you will always be there for them.

The book suggests to simply repeat whatever the person said in simpler terms as a way of showing that you understand. For example, if your friend just broke up with her boyfriend because he cheated on her with her best friend, then you could say “You feel betrayed by everyone right now.” This obviously is an exaggeration, along with the story your friend probably described to you; she hasn’t been betrayed by everyone. This helps to show them that you understand their situation though. 

After that, think before you say anything else. Actually, sometimes it’s best not to say anything at all and to just listen. Silence can be awkward, but also necessary for thoughts to fully develop. If you rush the person you are helping, they could get carried away with the words coming out of their mouth. But some time to think (and let them speak when they are ready!) can make all the difference. Finally, it’s important to end the conversation by assuring your friend that they have someone they can rely on at any time of day. Not even using a crutch, but just knowing that you have one in case you need him or her, can be extremely comforting.


Friendship is a beautiful thing, and it can be difficult to take care of sometimes. I hope this post was helpful to those going through a tough time or helping someone else through a tough time. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave them for me below. Everyone have a wonderful Friday!! 🙂

The 4 Parts of A College Student’s Thanksgiving Break

As Thanksgiving came to an end, it was tough to realize that school started today. Yes, for those of you who are still sitting in bed at home, classes began again this morning. It’s was especially tough to be motivated to go to class today because some high schools had today off. You know what they say though, Penn State never cancels class for anything, not even national holidays.

It never fails to amaze me how fast time flies while I’m on break, yet as soon as I step foot on campus time slows down to the pace of a sloth. But finals will be here before you know it and then the second semester and soon enough college will be over. Sorry, getting a tad ahead of myself there…

Anyways, this break has had four very distinct parts to it, parts that changed without notice, and I’m hoping I’m not the only one who feels this way.


Sleep started as soon as I got home, a few hours after the home football game Saturday. It was freezing – literally – so it took a good bit of time to thaw out before hitting the road and getting caught in the normal football traffic. But once I got home it was warm greetings from the family, a quick meal, unpacking the essentials, and then off to bed.

My bed at home is infinitely better than my bed at school. It’s larger, warmer (especially with the added bonus of a cat curled between your legs as you sleep), and much quieter because it isn’t in the same room as two other beds. Even when I’m not sleeping I’m still in bed; relaxing, reading, watching terrible (yet wonderful) movies on Netflix, or just daydreaming. I love my bed, it’s one of my most favorite things about being home. And no classes equals no problems, so my bed is where I lay for most of the beginning of break.


Too much of one thing can always be bad, no matter what that thing is. Eventually, this seemingly wonderful laziness turns into boredom. There’s nothing good on TV, Facebook hasn’t changed in hours, and doing something productive actually seems like a good idea. As I venture out of the bedroom and down to the kitchen, there’s still nothing to do. Boredom is like a disease, once one person gets it, it seems to spread to the entire family. Before you know it, everyone is lined up in front of the TV, in their PJs, all ready for a night full of, well, nothing. When all hope is lost, I felt I may never find anything to do, but eventually my pain was relieved on Thursday.


Finally, Thanksgiving is here to save the day. As my family and I piled into the car, I couldn’t help but think of all the family members I hadn’t seen in months or even years. As strange as family can be sometimes, especially when they try and comment on your Facebook posts, you still have to love them, because they’re family.

Thanksgiving is always a special time for me for many reasons. First, it’s a time that signifies a good bit of the birthdays in our family, so there is always cake and presents on Thanksgiving. Also, stuffing your face is almost a cultural norm. Thanksgiving food – turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, and mashed potatoes – is some of my favorite holiday food. And lastly, corny as it sounds, giving thanks for the things that my family and I have is one of my favorite parts of the holiday. It’s always nice to reminisce on the past and think about how much has changed since last Thanksgiving.


I have a paper due Tuesday morning? I thought that test was the next Monday!

After a long night of digesting, all the realizations of post-Thanksgiving seem to hit me at once. The time that I had planned to spend with friends or my family now must be focused back on school before school even begins again. Looks like I’ll be locking myself in my room for the next few days, not to relax more but to get schoolwork done.

And along with the stress of next week’s classes, finals are just around the corner and many companies are starting their internship or post-graduation job interviews. Everything seems to hit full force the second break is over.

But there, in the horizon, an oasis! Christmas Break is only three weeks away, two Monday’s of classes and a week of finals. And it will be here before you know it, it always works like that. Time to hit the books, finals here I come.