10 Well-Paying But Obscure Jobs That You Never Thought To Look Up

If you’re thinking of a career change, look no further than these crazy jobs. Boy would it be fun to be a professional snuggler all day…

Thought Catalog

With supply comes demand. And with that comes upkeep. Here are some behind-the-scenes jobs that exist to keep services going for your pleasure.

image - Flickr / danilo.mistroni image – Flickr / danilo.mistroni

1. Wrinkle chasers iron wrinkles from shoes using a hand iron or a hot air blower. The minimum requirements are just a high school diploma and an eye for detail (or wrinkles). The average pay ranges from $19,000 to $49,000. That’s not bad for ironing shoes.

2. Furniture testers exist because machines (or robots) simply can’t give feedback about how comfortable these furnitures being tested are. Testers will sit on an armchair and give feedback (or their experience) to the furniture makers. This human touch helps the manufacturers gain insight to what is comfortable, what material they should use, how high/low the seats should be, etc. Furniture testers make — on average — $31,000 a year.

image - Flickr / Dick Thomas Johnson image – Flickr / Dick…

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