There Really Are Good People From New Jersey!

I apologize if the title offends anyone, but honestly, New Jersians haven’t really done a very good job of making a good name for themselves with their driving skills and they expensive bridge tolls… But nonetheless, I had the greatest experience ever with a man from NJ the other day.

To start the story from the beginning, my mother and I had a day planned to go to visit our friend in Manhattan who is working for Teach For America (amazing organization if you’ve never heard of it…). On that same day, one of my best friends was performing with a marching band (for those who know ’em, the Hawthorne Caballeros) in Secaucus, NJ. So the plan was to drop me off in Secaucus in the morning, and I would meet up with her in the afternoon via New Jersey Public Transportation (BAD IDEA).

So after visiting my friend, I found the bus stop that my itinerary (thanks to Google) told me to go to and waiting for the 2:02 bus. 2:02 came and went…and then it was 2:32…and then it was 3:02. Meanwhile, I’m frantically calling the transportation office, speaking to the same lady over and over, who has NO idea what she’s doing, nor where the buses have been for the past hour (you can’t just LOSE a BUS lady…). Meanwhile, the same security vehicle has been doing his rounds for the past hour, and each time I wave to him a little bit less enthusiastically as the time before.

After a while, the man, in his early 70s probably, pulls over and asks me what I’m doing waiting for the bus for this long. So I tell him my story and ask him what I should do. I still can’t believe it now…but the man offered to drive my to the George Washington Bridge, about 5 minutes away from where he lives, after he got off work at 4:00. By then it was 3:45, and I had no other way to get there, so I thanked him profusely and waited until he got off work.

This man, whose name was Danny, was one of the sweetest men I’ve ever met. He told me about his life, how he was in the Marines and worked as a prison security guard and now how he works for the security department at a local community college. We laughed at some of the crazy things he had done in his life, he told me some deeper stories about his past, and in the end he drove me all the way to the bridge. Without a thought as to who I am, or what I was doing in the middle of New Jersey, this man went out of his way to perform an amazing act of kindness.

I know there is only so much I can do for this man now that he is gone from my life most likely forever. But I hope this can serve as a lesson that acts of kindness, no matter how big or small, will always be appreciated. And also that there are some (but not many) good people from New Jersey.

I plan on performing a selfless act of kindness when the opportunity arises, and I will do so with Danny in my mind.

Hope everyone has a great week!! 🙂 Mondays don’t have to be bad just because they’re Mondays, they can be wonderful!!


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