Lessons Learned at a Swap Meet

So this morning, my mother and I woke up early and drove over to our neighborhood Farmers Market to set up a booth for a Swap Meet. As it was the first time the market had ever organized one of these swap meets, there were only 4 booths there, including ours. We set up to the side of the building and waited for patrons to stop by and possibly pick up a thing or two from our table of children’s toys, centerpieces, old video games, and lots of outgrown clothing. It was a beautiful day and we were surrounded by beautiful people…or so I thought. 

About 30 minutes into the meet, a man cam over. Tall, a little on the heavier side, and looking to be around the 40-55 years old range, the man asked us about what we were selling, where we were from, etc. (ya know, small talk stuff). He then told my mom and I about his life; how he travels around flea markets and farmers markets selling tech goods, nonperishable goods, and office supplies items for extremely low prices (we’re talking 2 Naked Fruit Juices for $1 low…). He told us how he buys his products, and where and when he sells them. It was fascinating really.

The big lesson (or possibly the big problem) with this whole situation, is that I judged him at first. His appearance made him seem less educated than he really was, and I was guilty to judging this book by its cover. But really, he was a very sweet man who was very smart and had connections to many of the other booths. Swap Meet people are very nice, It just may take some time to realize. And this goes for most people. Until we sit down and really get to know someone, we really have no right to judge them. 

Hope everyone has a great Saturday; it’s gorgeous out here 🙂


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