Loosing my Drag Show V-Card

The one big upside/downside to working in events and meetings is that no event is the same. Especially when that event is the Miss Gay USA Cabaret.

Last night, our hotel hosted this FABULOUS evening of dancing and drinking and boy did I have a good time. This was my first drag show, so when they asked for the “virgins” in the crowd to raise their hand, mine shot up like…well…you know… It was a really awesome experience that I’m glad I got to see.

For those that haven’t lost their Cabaret V-Card yet, LOSE IT!! Drag Shows make for an awesome girls night out, or for gay men looking for a little fun. Certainly a story to tell my grandchildren about haha 🙂


My Experience Shadowing a Meeting and Events Coordinator

For the past few weeks, I have been shadowing “Matt”, the Meeting and Event Coordinator at Crowne Plaza Hotel. From late nights setting up for other functions, to meeting the clients hoping to plan weddings or parties, I have learned quite a bit about the industry and the work that “Matt” does. 

There are many pros and cons to the industry. The pros include instant customer satisfaction and interaction, good pay, and the ability to work with your hands , on your feet, outside of a cubicle. The customers are very friendly for the most part and are reasonable to work with, considering you know better than they do on most topics (how the flow of a room should work for a banquet event, for example). It makes my day seeing happy customers, whether that’s while we plan the event or after their event is a success. The pay is pretty good for the work “Matt” does, because it’s in a fairly large hotel with multiple functions per day. I can imagine the smaller the building, the fewer the amount of functions per day, the lower the pay. So if you can handle the constant demand, then the rewards are there for the taking. And lastly, instead of working at a desk all day, “Matt” and I are able to work setting up the event, serving, the event, and walking clients through the hotel. The only time to sit is to eat or send a few quick e-mails or make some phone calls. 

As for the negatives, in my opinion, these far outweigh the pros. The hours are extremely long, (more than 12 hours a day 6 days a week, sometimes as late as 2 am) which is something I don’t particularly enjoy. I feel that I am better at working more productive hours than longer hours. Additionally, the work takes a tole on your body. Not only with the long hours, but the lifting and push and pulling makes “Matt” look much older than he is (he’s losing his hair and his body is hurting him more than it is helping him…). I’m not exactly about that life either… 

I’m torn between loving this job for the instant customer satisfaction, and hating it for it’s long, difficult, physically demanding hours. I feel like this may be a bad example of how a Meeting and Event Coordinator’s job actually is because “Matt” is new to the company and the schedulers are terrible which make all the employees (including myself) very bitter.

With the right manager and planning, I feel like the long hours could be avoided and the physical work could be divided up more evenly, but this is the experience I’ve been given with and I have learned a lot from it.

If you have any questions about my experience shadowing a Meeting and Events Coordinator, don’t hesitate! 🙂

My Quest for The Meaning of Life (Well…My Life at least)

So this being the summer between my Sophomore and Junior year of college, I figured it would be a good idea to figure out what I want to do with my life so I can focus more of my time and energy and pursuing whatever career fits best for me.

So back in January or February, I began reaching out to different people in different industries that interested me or that I wanted to learn more about. These people ranged from Meeting and Event Coordinators to Owners of family run businesses to Public Relation Managers to many other ideas in between.

Through this little experiment-of-sorts, people have been very accommodating and helpful in all regards. Who know so many people would love to help out a inquisitive teen going through a mid-college crisis! 🙂

I’m to keep track of my impressions and thoughts on these different career options on here, not only for myself, but also for other people who may be curious about what I’m doing. If anyone has any questions, feel free to let me know!

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

7 Struggles Every College Student Home For The Summer Faces

Thought Catalog


Back at home means back to old rules.

Moving back home can be a great thing, but it can be quite the adjustment as well! You go from being your own independent person, to living under your parent’s roof again which means that you follow their rules. It’s quite a culture shock to change your ways once you’ve had complete freedom.

Back at home means awkward “bed times.”

Once your back at home, you have to readjust to the fact that your parents and siblings don’t carry the same “1am bedtime” mentality that you may have developed at college. Tip toeing, whispering and the lack of acceptance from your parental units that ordering a pizza at midnight is not “okay.”

Back at home means people to judge you for how long you choose to stay in your bed.

I’m all for “seize the day”, but sometimes mornings are hard…

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Lessons Learned at a Swap Meet

So this morning, my mother and I woke up early and drove over to our neighborhood Farmers Market to set up a booth for a Swap Meet. As it was the first time the market had ever organized one of these swap meets, there were only 4 booths there, including ours. We set up to the side of the building and waited for patrons to stop by and possibly pick up a thing or two from our table of children’s toys, centerpieces, old video games, and lots of outgrown clothing. It was a beautiful day and we were surrounded by beautiful people…or so I thought. 

About 30 minutes into the meet, a man cam over. Tall, a little on the heavier side, and looking to be around the 40-55 years old range, the man asked us about what we were selling, where we were from, etc. (ya know, small talk stuff). He then told my mom and I about his life; how he travels around flea markets and farmers markets selling tech goods, nonperishable goods, and office supplies items for extremely low prices (we’re talking 2 Naked Fruit Juices for $1 low…). He told us how he buys his products, and where and when he sells them. It was fascinating really.

The big lesson (or possibly the big problem) with this whole situation, is that I judged him at first. His appearance made him seem less educated than he really was, and I was guilty to judging this book by its cover. But really, he was a very sweet man who was very smart and had connections to many of the other booths. Swap Meet people are very nice, It just may take some time to realize. And this goes for most people. Until we sit down and really get to know someone, we really have no right to judge them. 

Hope everyone has a great Saturday; it’s gorgeous out here 🙂

A Very Inspirational Weekend

So this weekend, more than other weekend, was especially inspirational for myself. I don’t know if it was the fact that I had a long car ride to think in, or that I saw a lot of family, both young and old, that I hadn’t seen for a while. Or it could possibly have been because I turned 20 this Friday. Either way, I realized a couple of things.

First of all, I learned that being 20, though not much different from being 19, (21 is where it all happens, boy will I feel old when next year rolls around…) is filled with many more responsibilities. No more being a teenager, time to grow up and face the real world. Time to put work before fun (but occasionally the other way around), and start getting a little more serious about my life after college. A big part of this summer is devoted to figuring out what I, essentially, “want to do with my life,” so I feel like now I need to start taking this task more seriously and explore all the options that really interest me.

I also realized a couple other little things, such as the fact that I love to cook so I should be doing that more and exploring different recipes and ingredients and such. Also, I would like to learn to ride a motorcycle one day, not only because it looks fun, but because of its fuel efficiency and its convenience. And lastly, if I want my children to have good relationships with their aunts, uncles, and cousins, then I need to have a better relationship and outlook on my cousins now. My cousins are a little bit strange, but really who isn’t? So seeing them this weekend made me feel better about them and I was able to talk with them more than I usually do when they visit.

Overall, a great weekend. For anyone following along at home, I haven’t posted in a while on here, but I hope to pick that up a little more because I enjoy blogging for myself and hopefully getting feedback from other bloggers like myself. So I will be posting more frequently! Until then, have a wonderful day! 🙂