How to Calm Down, Relax, and Just Breathe

Life can be stressful sometimes, I should know as a college student trying to figure out my life. The world feels like it’s always moving, never stopping. When one deadline ends it seems as though another one magically appears. A constant cycle of doing but never feeling like anything is actually getting done.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming. The stress to do well in school or at work, to financially support yourself, to spend time with those you love when all you can think about is how late you are going to be up tonight doing homework or writing a proposal. One thing after another can start building up, creating a mountain of thoughts floating through your brain, things that need to get done before their deadline hits. Emotion rise, tension builds, until it bursts like a volcano, overflowing at the brim. Tears come out and there is no way to stop them. You feel weak, hopeless, not good enough. You crumble to pieces.

Life isn’t easy, no one ever said it would be. That is why I think everyone needs an outlet or a source that they can go to and know that everything is alright. Some people need to vent to feel better. You feel lighter after releasing all the stress that has been been kept inside of you. Some people need a good cry to let it all out. There’s nothing wrong with that, even guys need to cry. Some resort to a more physical source, maybe yoga or running. Whatever it is, I feel it needs to be personal, more often than not alone, and it needs to be true to you. Just because a certain method works for someone else doesn’t make it right for you.

Personally, I like to resort to music.

I’ve discovered a lot about myself these past few months. I am a better person now because of everything, but it was a long, stressful, mentally and physically straining process. But what has gotten me through it all is relaxing music. Being able to take 5 minutes out of my day and listen to a smooth instrumental piece, feeling the melodies and sounds flowing over my body, relaxing my breathing and heart rate. 

I would like to share with you one piece in particular that has been a big help in feeling less stressed. It is titled So It Goes, by Greg Haines. It can be found on YouTube, or at this link:

If you ever need help or feel lost, I am there for you. Give this song a listen, it helped me and I can only hope to pass on what I have discovered to someone else. 


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